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Nurses Health: Self Care

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Self-care is essential for nurses during long-hour shifts and in a fast-paced environment. Self-care is about focusing on your unique personal needs and well-being. As a nurse, you are vital to your team's success, and caring for yourself will promote a better workday. Mental and physical health is key to productivity and your overall health. Taking a few minutes out of the day to encourage self-care can create a better workday routine and all-around healthy work-life.

Below are some ideas to implement during your workday to promote self-care.

Mental Care

  1. Read books, journals, or magazines

  2. Attend an in-service training

  3. Talk with peers

  4. Setting aside time for meditation

Physical Care

  1. Take a 15 min walk outside on a break

  2. Bring healthy foods high in energy. (fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins)

  3. Listen to relaxing music on your break

  4. Stretch between downtime at work.

These easy steps will help reduce your stress, add value and balance to your day. Setting aside time for mental and physical self-care will benefit you as a nurse and encourage a happier and healthier lifestyle. Always remember, self-care matters because you matter.

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