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You are Frontline Workers.

You are Resilient. You get the Job Done. And You are Welcome Here.



COVID-19 did a Number on Us!

That's why we've created Frontline Life as a laidback, community-based place for frontline workers to chill out, talk, and support one another. Here, we'll discuss the joys, frustrations, and pain we deal with every single day. We can also share valuable information, tips, events, and more!

Let's vibe with each other, learn from one another, and travel together. You know as much as I do that we were built for this lifestyle!


Hi, I am Ivette Palomeque, RN, BSN, and I'm the Founder of Frontline Life Media.

In my career, I've held a lot of titles: Registered Nurse III, Medical ICU, Shock Trauma ICU, Transplant ICU, Neuro ICU, Burn ICU, CVICU, and CCU. Since COVID struck, I've added business owner, author, and entrepreneur to that list. Working in NYC, I found out early on how much the media wanted a glimpse inside the pandemic frontlines. Though I appreciate the opportunities this brought me personally, I decided to use my newfound recognition to create a platform for all of us.

At Frontline Media LLC, we want to make sure that the needs and opinions of healthcare workers no longer go unheard. I hope it will be a voice, offer hope, endure through prosecution, and serve as a stress-relieving space for my colleagues. Frontline Life is where we can all stand tall!

We serve.

We support.

We survive.

This platform is intended to be a home - a "chill spot" for frontline healthcare workers all around the globe. The inspiration for this site was born out of the love and perseverance we, as professionals, displayed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I realized that we were born to care, endure, and – above all – lead even when it seems like everything is going wrong around us. Unfortunately, even the bravest of us had to deal with unimaginable heartache, frustration, and suffering due to the things we've seen since we first scrubbed up back in March of 2020. 

Now, more than ever, we need each other to get through this. While others are eager to declare the pandemic "over," we hope to be a voice of comfort, a support system, and a safe haven for healthcare workers everywhere who are still fighting the good fight.  

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