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Taking COVID by storm.  

We are the Frontliners who are resilient and get the job done.


Hi, I’m Ivette Palomeque, RN,BSN

Founder of Frontline Life Media

It was born out of a vision to become the home and chill spot for all Healthcare Frontline workers across the globe. As the owner of Frontline Life Media LLC, our company was initiated by the love and perseverance of Healthcare workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. We quickly found that we were born to care, endure, and make decisions quickly in spite of the trouble around us. Along with that comes heartache, suffering, and unseen things that will forever go on unspoken within our minds. We never fathomed that our calling would take us here, but here we are.

We will need each other to make it through this, even when it is “over”. We hope to be a voice, a support system, and eyes to the world from the Healthcare worker.